Only one more chapter, then sleep.
— The lies we tell ourselves while reading fanfiction. (via xpertangel)


Regina + being younger and always making me cry



How’s it been working with Saul and everyone else?

I love this ‘cause it’s so Canadian…. I mean, it’s double Canadian because it’s super Canadian to point out and claim other Canadians and compare everything to Canada.

I’m Canadian! …wait, that was very Canadian of me, wasn’t it?

make me choose
stuckintheclimb asked: fringe or battlestar galactica


make me choose:

thehoodfamily asked daughter!regina or mother!regina?

ugh i hate this myka storyline so so so so so so much

I haven’t even watched any of S5 yet and I probably won’t (except for the one HG ep). From what I’ve read so far, this is a major trainwreck and I’m already in pain over this, so I don’t need to actually see it happen and add to the pain. Ugh, I hate what they’re doing to our babies. WTF were they thinking? Fuck you, SyFy.

I’m in need of some hugs and cuddles. (As is most of the Bering and Wells fandom, I’d say.)





Can I get a t-shirt w warehouse 13 season 5 on it?
Because this season is the artifact that almost killed me


i did the thing and it hurts so, so bad.

congratulations, you’ve almost been killed by the show. You’re now *officially* a Warehouse 13 fan



Read the history of the Tarrs #BeforeDefiance Returns June 19 on Syfy. 

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