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40 days left

"Magic is dangerous: it’s neither good nor bad, right nor wrong; it can be both a blessing and a curse. It takes strength, the strength of a witch, to make the magic her own, to make it serve her, and not the other way around. "
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What happens if the moderator doesn’t have a pencil?
Then you’re pretty screwed.


Websites listed are just a bunch of sites I find useful, helpful, and entertaining. Hover over the link for a short description.

For studyingWolfram|Alpha / Cliffs Notes / Spark Notes / Khan Academy / Study Guides and Strategies / Mathway / Scholarpedia

Facts: Fact Slides / Mass Energy ScaleWhy Is The Sky Blue? / Human Error / Brain Map / Here Is Today / Daily Routines / Periodic Videos

Layouts and Design: Lovely Charts / Draw / Bubbl / Printable Paper

EditingSumo Paint / Kleki / Creative Nerds / Pattern Library / Project 330 / Llama Font / Sketch Toy / Paletton

Writing:  ILYS / Written Kitten / Inkle WriterOne Word / Hatch’s Plot Bank / 911 Writer’s Block / Prompt Generator / Tip of My Tongue / Character Chart / Universal Etymology Dictionary / Acronym Finder / Word Frequency Counter / Polish My Writing

Language is a VirusWriting Prompts / Cut Up Machine / Text Generators

LanguageDuolingo / Live MochaForvo / Hello Mylo / Digital Dialects

Online Classes: CourseraHogwarts Is Here / Chess Academy / Justin Guitar / How To Play Piano / Music Theory / Code Academy / MIT OpenCourseWare

The Quiet Place Project: The Quiet Place / The Thoughts Room / 90 Seconds Relaxation / The Dawn Room / It Will Be Okay / The Dreams Room (Comfort Spot)

Sounds: Rainy Mood / Sound Drown / Nature Sounds / Coffitivity / Simply Rain / Soft Murmur / My Instants

Feel betterFatal to the FleshEmergency Compliment / Gives Me Hope / Make Everything OK / The Nicest Place on the Internet / Love For The Elderly / Butter Up / Am I Awesome?

To keep you calm: Calm / Stress Analyst / Do Nothing for 2 Minutes / Chillouts / Rainy Day Simulator

To keep you distracted: This Is Sand / Silk / Imagination / Planetarium / Bouncy Balls / Anasomnia / Tentacles / Fractal Gears / 360 Aurora Borealis / Pollock

When you need someone to talk to: Survivors Chat / Anxiety Space / Mental Health Chat Rooms / Blah Therapy / Crisis Chat

Feeling Nostalgic?: Nick Reboot / Snes Fun / Classic Games Arcade / My 70s TVMy 80s TVMy 90s TV / AOL Dial Up / Pica Pic / YTTM

Music: Chordify / Key ChordsTrntbl / Singing Horses / Cmd / Drinkify / Wub Machine / Stereomood / Every Noise At Once / Jukebox Time Machine / Party Cloud / Muszc / Midomi / The Infinite Jukebox / Unhear It / Musicovery

MoviesRun Pee / Quotacle / Movie Body Counts / After Credits / Does The Dog Die?

Personality TestsJung Typology Test / Color Quiz / 16 Personalities

Cooking: All Recipes / Start Cooking / Egg Watchers

Animal RelatedCat Like Icon Maker / Shelter Pups / Put You In A Better Mood / Bee Dogs / Gruntle

Translators: Morse Code Translator / Binary Translator / Mayan Glyphs Translator / Bad Translator / R2D2 Translator / Drunk Post Translator

Can’t decide?Random / Yes, No, Maybe / Just Flip A CoinWhereTF Should I Go To Eat / WhereTF Should I Go To Drink

OthersRealtime World Statistics / Similar Sites / Pointless Sites / The Useless WebRead Any Book / Time To Sleep? / Pizzarithmetic / Shady URL / Future Me / Shut Up And Take My Money / Instructables / Taste Kid 

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Just a reminder to keep your fuzzy friend inside this halloween. A lot of people like to take this time of year to steal little babies to use for rituals and sacrifice. It’s horrific and painful to imagine that my little girl could get stolen for something so terrible. Keep all your animals inside no matter their color, age, or breed just to be safe.

Happy Halloween

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goodbye warehouse 13 ↪ 2/4 friendships

Pete, you’re the big brother I never had. I wish I had your strength. I know I frown at you and punch you a lot, but I’ll always love you. Please be careful.

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The Moon by Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, appropriately named after the legendary Japanese moon princess Kaguya-hime.

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